PRESS RELEASE – NeoRM Platform Launch

September 20, 2016 - 1 minute read

September 19, 2016-  

NeoRM announces the launch of RegTech’s hottest compliance & risk management platform and the appointment of CEO, Crystal Pennington.

Beginning today, NeoRM is proud to launch their enhanced cloud-based governance management platform that enables clients to meet their ever increasing compliance and regulatory requirements. All while providing a comprehensive view of risks and controls in a centralized easy-to-use system.

Crystal Pennington joins Brad Giemza, Founder and Garrett Doyle, Director of EMEA.  Crystal’s leadership, vision and governance experience will position NeoRM for RegTech success.

Tristan Blakley, CEO of Ubiquity Software Solutions says “We are thrilled with how the NeoRM solution has turned out.  Early on we saw the opportunity with NeoRM and invested.  Now it’s complete we see its potential and will start to use it to manage our own large project governance.”

NeoRM is on a mission to redefine governance and transparency for the payment and financial industries.

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Crystal Pennington

U.S.: +1 (773) 459-7667

U.K.: +44 (0) 20 328 72078