NeoRM has a set of pre-configured risk and regulatory modules ready to be applied to any organization

The NeoRM SaaS platform is an open business intelligence framework which enables responsible parties to detail control procedures. By utilizing our out of the box suite of tools you can finally have your finger on the pulse of your organization's compliance and governance.


Bringing transparency and clarity to your day-to-day operations

Program dashboards allow your managers and control departments to see in real time the current state of your protocols and controls.  The dashboard will not only bring real-time updates to management but also drive efficiency through a peer review culture.

Task Manager

Keep it simple with one task list to manage all protocols and controls

Responsible people will have a single list of questions to answer across any number of entities, departments, protocols and programs.  The NeoRM Task Manager is a one-stop shop to complete all work at hand. It also comes with a fully configurable escalation plan to delegate work when people are unexpectedly out of office.

RACI Matrix

Allows for swift and easy assignment of accountability throughout your organization

The platform is underpinned by user profiles that clearly identify those that are responsible, accountable, need to be consulted and informed.  The RACI Matrix provides real-time adjustment of responsibility allowing you to keep up with your companies’ organizational and governance changes on the fly.

Maturity Report

Track the maturity of your controls and protocols with COBIT style reporting

NeoRM benchmarks your companies’ controls and protocols against industry standards.  Maturity reporting allows you to self-identify areas of improvement while maintaining permanent supervision.

Audit Report

Know who does what, when and why, and how its tied back to internal company policy, government or industry regulation

Upon completion of NeoRM protocols, control assessments and programs, the platform creates non-editable audit logs of all attestations and approvals.  NeoRM brings full transparency to your daily operation capturing the decisions and protocols taken to close out each production day.

Bulk Uploader

Simplicity and productivity is at the heart of the NeoRM toolkit

While setting up new programs, workstreams and protocols, the bulk uploader may be used to avoid mundane data entry.  You can quickly use cut and paste within Excel to populate a large program and avoid thousands of keystrokes.

A Word From Our CEO

In response to the conduct issues brought to light during the 2008 financial crisis, the NeoRM platform helps firms enable a culture of integrity by driving transparency and assigning responsibility under continuous supervision. 

About the NeoRM Platform

The NeoRM SaaS enterprise risk management platform is an open business intelligence framework which enables responsible parties to detail control procedures, validate governance methodologies and articulate day-to-day activities controlling inherent business risks all while satisfying compliance management requirements. The open framework provides an assessment tool for strategy, governance or operation enabling oversight and permanent supervision. NeoRM provides full transparency across affiliated entities, multiple departments, and responsible individuals. NeoRM drives accountability from the viewpoint of defining which individuals in your organization are responsible, accountable, need to be consulted and informed.


Once governance has been defined within NeoRM then your organization will embark on a full assessment of your existing controls. Transparency is driven through a real time dialog asking the right people the right questions at the right times. NeoRM tracks and keeps a detailed audit log of all responses, reviews, sign-offs and edits to the information captured. The platform has a series of transparency reports providing a detailed and accurate understanding of what your organization does to manage risks and meet regulatory obligations. This will not only give you transparency into who is doing what and who is responsible for what, but it also promotes a common understanding and compliance culture.


The input from running programs will be available for NeoRM’s real-time business intelligence engine providing clear measurability of your existing controls, maturity, gaps, strengths and opportunities. You will get a series of configurable reports to drive continuous improvement to your risk management and regulatory compliance. NeoRM will allow your organization to leverage regulatory spend to drive true value in risk management and ultimately not only affect bottom-line costs but also drive top-line increases through confidence in risk management.


The NeoRM platform uses an open architecture to allow ease of configuration. The open architecture utilizes standard RACI (the acronym stands for: responsible, accountable, consulting and informing) This model enables NeoRM to quickly respond to new business risk paradigms and provide ease in expansion. NeoRM's platform flexibility allows for the tool to be modified for a variety of diverse industries filling the need for governance validation and required documentation.