Peanut Corporation Of America’s Owner Sentenced to 28 Years In Prison!

October 19, 2015 - 1 minute read

Stewart Parnell, the owner and operator of Peanut Corporation of America was sentenced to 28 years in prison, effectively a life sentence for the 61 year old. His brother and food broker Michael received a 20 year sentence and the plant’s quality assurance manager Mary Wilkerson was sentenced to 5 years. All of this due to a salmonella outbreak in the company’s peanut butter that could have been prevented with proper risk management that did not allow Parnell complete control.

The sentencing was part of a growing wave of stiff jail time for corporate fraud cases. Gone are the days of a slap on the wrist and fine for fraud cases. In fact Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates has promised to hand out stiffer punishments for all fraud cases whether they were maliciously intended or not.

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