Dodd-Frank Program Sets Precedence Awarding Whistleblowers $57M in 2016

November 20, 2016 - Less than a minute read

“In the programs short term of existence, the SEC already has awarded more than $111 million to 34 whistleblowers…”

The scales of accountability are re-setting on both sides of the ledger. The US has issued $160 Billion in fines since 2010 and the Dodd Frank Program has awarded $111M to 34 whistleblowers since inception.

Financial service companies must demonstrate diligence and rigor to hold everyone at all levels accountable for how they do their job. The SEC is setting new precedence in the awards and retaliation protection they have provided whistleblowers in 2016.

The need for well-defined governance is clearly being implied by the actions of governments through regulation worldwide.


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