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See how NeoRM can help you regain confidence in your risk management.

NeoRM is a process control platform automating regulation and governance by assigning accountability and driving transparency, reducing risk exposure.

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Know precisely who is responsible for running your day-to-day risk management. NeoRM assures there is a full understanding of who needs to be informed, consulted, and who is ultimately responsible.
NeoRM is an intelligent process control system eliminating guesswork and creating transparent insights through an audit log to see exactly who does what, when and why.
Complying with regulations is difficult, monitoring and reporting on your risk management shouldn’t be. NeoRM’s platform is extremely nimble, easy to use and cost efficient.

Take away confusion and complexity with NeoRM

NeoRM promotes accountability by utilizing a top-down approach aligning tasks to responsibilities.


This allows everyone to be on the same page and greatly simplifies process control. Executives can now understand and articulate risk management both to their employees and to any auditors or regulators.

No more spreadsheets passed through email from one party to another. NeoRM is a real-time dialogue between people that logs critical points throughout your business process.


Discover NeoRM


NeoRM drives transparency within your organization

NeoRM provides full transparency throughout your business process and protocols.


NeoRM allows you to define individual responsibilities and hold everyone in your organization accountable for their roles within your policy and protocols. The NeoRM dashboard will allow you to broadcast daily work and open dialogues between individuals fostering a culture of compliance.

This transparency keeps management and employees from being blindsided by any fraudulent activity.


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Keep it Simple

Are you able to easily articulate your risk management strategy?


NeoRM provides a simple, yet effective way of explaining your risk management controls to your staff, auditors and regulators. Working from the top down with real-time updates, the platform provides a living account of your companies controls, protocols, and day to day activities.

The open framework allows you to leverage prebuilt customizable templates. Take a look at how our workstream setup provides that with a series of pre-defined and customizable questions.


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